Offshore 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for multiple accounts.

We have the solution for you.

Authentication using SMS has become common practice.
Google/Ebay/Amazon/Facebook…  all request a mobile # to verify and restore information.
For businesses, this can be a tedious issue.
Employee left? –> his mobile # registered with sites becomes invalid -> access becomes a problem.


SPIKKO offers Mobile numbers with SMS capabilities in over 100 countries – that can be used for 2 Step Verification (2SV) and Two Factor Authentication -  (TFA).  These numbers can be permanent or temporary.

SPIKKO's numbers are obtained in a click, belong to the customer (private or company) and have no dependence on any person or mobile handset. The numbers and SMS are managed via a web portal or the Spikko mobile app.

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FAQ - Questions & Answers
Questions & Answers

Q : My company is based in the USA while we have bank accounts is different global locations, can we have a local number is each location?
A: Yes, Spikko can provide you with a local number for each country/location – on your own handset, while you that can be used for verification with the local bank.

Q: My Company is based out of the USA and we need Two Factor Authentication (TFA) or 2 Steps Verification (2SV) for our USA bank account, or Amazon or any other account which sends us SMS. Do you have a solution?
A: Yes. You can get from Spikko a USA number for SMS or voice verification. You may use it and manage it via the Spikko web portal or Spikko mobile application.

Q: Many of our business social media accounts are listed under our marketing manager cell number, and we are concerned of losing access to them in case he leaves the company. What can we do?
A: With SPIKKO your Authentication and Restoration mobile number is company owned with no dependence on any person or mobile handset, therefore you will never lose your accounts.

Q: How can I get a Spikko authentication number?

Via the web:
Go to www.spikko.com, and choose the relevant mobile number (for voice or SMS authentication), or landline (for voice verification).
Complete registration and add a payment method (credit card or Paypal).
Now – you are up and running. Any SMS sent to your Spikko mobile number will appear in your Spikko web portal.

Using the Spikko mobile app:
Download the mobile app via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and register (search ‘Spikko’).(If you already have an account with Spikko, simply log-in via the app.
Go to the app menu->Add/Manage numbers, and purchase a Spikko virtual number worldwide. Put your local SIM mobile number as the destination where you want to get the authentication calls.
Add a payment method and complete the purchase.
Now – any call dialed to your Spikko virtual number – will ring at your mobile. You may answer and get the authentication code via voice.
If the Spikko number you purchased is mobile, you may get SMS on it. Simply open the application menu ->Messages and see the verification code sent by Amazon / Google / Ebay / Facebook or any other provider


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