Spikko was established in 2008 with the vision of empowering enterprises in their ability to utilize their mobile communication capabilities to increase their customers reach and revenues.

Spikko's best-of-breed Mobile Identifiers platform provides a simple and flexible solution of multi-line capabilities, of any international numbering scheme, on any mobile device from any operator.

With Spikko, corporate voice and text communication is managed on employees' mobiles – even with BYOD.  The corporate owns these business mobile numbers and their usage.  The corporate manages them separately from the personal mobile number of the employee.  The corporate benefits from mobile call recording that is fully compliant with recording and monitoring regulation, even when user is roaming.

Spikko's platform encapsulates decades of R&D efforts and innovation, and backed by almost half a million downloads of Mobile Identifiers providing multi personas to thousands of organizations globally.

Our Team:
At Spikko we work together to actively seek the next innovation that will leverage our customers and our channels.  Our team, a highly professional group with decades of accumulated experience, has been working together for years to deliver Spikko's best-of-breed platform to its satisfied customers.

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