Value for Organizations

Business continuity - comprehensive mobile numbers management platform

Full compliance - call recording

Visibility - call analysis engine with logs and reports

Integration with other corporate systems -Call Recording, CRM, others

Privacy - business and private numbers totally separately (billing, customization, logging)

Own and manage your mobile numbers.
With Spikko, you can provide your employees a business mobile number using their existing device and SIM.  Your employees will have an additional seamlessly integrated business line (or several) on their device while fully preserving the privacy of their personal mobile line.  With Spikko, you own and manage your workforce mobile numbers.  You assign, deassign, view usage as well as record and archive all mobile calls and text messages as required by evolving standards.

No longer do you need to approach your mobile operator for additional numbers.

No longer do your employees need to maneuver between several devices.

No longer do you need to pay for expensive and ineffective mobile recording solutions.

Value for Employees

Many global numbers on one mobile device

Multi ring

Change destination country

Outgoing calls – single touch

Voice mail

Auto attendant (IVR)

Call recording capability

Caller-Id control

Conference calls