Spikko Mobile to CRM for Operators

With Spikko, you can tightly engage with both your private and public sector customers by providing them, with a true, fully managed, GSM multi-line solution. This comprehensive yet intuitive solution enables your customers to own and manage their workforce mobile lines.  Employees can have numerous business mobile numbers while preserving their private line and its privacy – all working in full harmony on the same mobile device.
Engage with your customers.

With Spikko, you have a robust enabler. Easily integrated and deployed, Spikko enables you to address global requirements of your customers and provide seamlessly integrated fully compliant mobile call recordings to their employees anywhere around the globe.
If you are a cellular operator, mobile virtual network operator (NVNO), archive/call recording solution vendor, or a workforce management (WFM) / CRM solution vendor - then Spikko is your ideal partner.
Extend your mobile call recording capabilities to anywhere around the globe.

Value for Employees

Many global numbers on one mobile device

Multi ring

Change destination country

Outgoing calls – single touch

Voice mail

Auto attendant (IVR)

Call recording capability

Caller-Id control

Conference calls


Value for Business

Business continuity - comprehensive mobile numbers management platform

Full compliance - call recording

Visibility - call analysis engine with logs and reports

Integration with other corporate systems - Nice, Verint, CRM, others

Privacy - business and private numbers totally separately (billing, customization, logging)